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An Instrument Rating is a must-have for any aspiring pilot seriously considering a successful career in aviation and is a compulsory requirement for becoming an airline pilot. The AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) course covers CASA syllabus and includes instrument training on our full cockpit ALSIM AL42 flight simulator as well as practical flight training in both single and multi-engine aircraft.

At Learn To Fly Melbourne, we provide students with a flexible learning environment where they will experience a diverse range of flight training activities in accordance with regulatory requirements and delivery of the course syllabus. Training is conducted by experienced instructors in modern aircraft, at our state-of-the-art training facility at Moorabbin Airport in Melbourne.

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To Fly in Any Conditions

Mastering your instruments and obtaining an Instrument Rating will allow you to act as Pilot In Command (PIC) for departure, flight, and arrival without visual reference or in marginal weather and light conditions under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). Being able to fly regardless of conditions greatly increases your pilot career options.

Instrument Rating training takes a minimum of 40 flying hours, which includes 20 hours of flight simulator training and 20 hours of practical flight training. During the course, you will be taught and assessed in navigation aid tracking, instrument approaches, emergency procedures, take-off procedures and landing procedures.

To be able to commence this course, you must already hold a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).

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AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation
(Instrument Rating)

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RTO CODE: 45684

CRICOS Code: 03913A


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Our Graduate

Chunki (Peter) Cheung

“Having an Instrument Rating not only allows you to fly in more weather conditions – learning how to operate under IFR broadens your aviation knowledge and gives you a competitive advantage when applying to airlines. Learn To Fly goes above and beyond to help you succeed and be prepared for your career. They also offer you the option of training in a Diamond DA42 or Piper Seminole aircraft” – Chun Ki Cheung, Past Student & Current Grade 3 Flight Instructor

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