Fatigue Management & Awareness Training Course

Learn about the science behind fatigue, how to identify the key indicators, and how to implement effective strategies leading to safer flying operations both in the air and on the ground.

Presented by airline interview specialist and international airline pilot Captain Darren McPherson, this course has been the secret preparation weapon for many successful airline applicants. This course is available to attend in person, or via live online distance learning.

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Develop Better Fatigue Management Strategies

Fatigue Management is often underestimated as a key factor in risk management strategies for pilots and flying organisations.

Our Fatigue Management & Awareness Training (FMAT) Course has been developed based on recommendations from both CASA locally and ICAO globally.

Through a range of modules, the course provides an in-depth look at the science behind fatigue, how to identify the key indicators, and how to develop better management strategies for yourself and your flying organisation.

Safer & More Efficient Flying

A big part of Fatigue Management is knowing how to identify areas of improvement and being comfortable to discuss how it affects you personally, as well as your colleagues.

Understanding fatigue and having the tools to develop better fatigue management strategies lead to safer and more efficient flying. This course has been designed to benefit all aspects of flight training and operations, and is aimed at pilots at any stage of their career, as well as operators of flying organizations.

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Josh Best

An understanding of fatigue management is something that you should continue to develop beyond your CPL theory and flight training, and discussing different ideas and concepts with others produces far more effective results. Created in conjunction with an airline Check and Training Captain, this course explores challenges that have been experienced by others in a Just Culture group environment, to invite open discussion and develop fresh strategies for managing fatigue.” – Josh Best, Grade 2 Flight Instructor

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