Human Factors Awareness Training Course

Human Factors plays a critical role in all areas of aviation. Given the substantial impact of Human Factors in flight operations, the Human Factors Awareness Training (HFAT) course is essential for pilots and flight instructors at all levels, as well as key employees in flying organisations.

The Airline Pilot Technical Interview Theory Course is a perfect companion to our Airline Interview Coaching Session. It explores more advanced theory concepts over 9 modules to give you an even greater advantage in your airline interview preparation.

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Better Decisions Mean Better Pilots

The Human Factors Awareness Training Theory Course has been developed based on local Australian recommendations to introduce structured Human Factors training that covers safety, human performance, communication, teamwork and overall decision making.

Aspects and considerations of Human Factors are critical for pilots and aviation operators regardless of whether they are highly experienced or just beginning their training.

Understanding the considerations of Human Factors helps to improve your decision-making processes, which will ultimately make you a better pilot or operator of a flying organisation at any stage of your career.

Making A Commitment To Safety

Human Factors research shows a pattern that links the top five safety risks as almost always involves some form of “Human Error”.

Previously, human error was considered as a cause of failure. However, with Human Factors studies that view has evolved, and we now see human error not as a cause, but as a symptom of a system failure.

Whilst Human Factors and safety training has not been mandated by CASA, an increased understanding of its importance means that it is now being recommended both locally and globally. The fundamentals of this course have been developed in line with our continued commitment to leading the way with safety in flight training.

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Alexey Khodakovskiy

Learn To Fly’s Human Factors Awareness Training course is aimed at educating on the fundamental aspects of Human Factors, with the goal of improving safety and the performance of people in the aviation industry. This course provides enormous benefits not just to individual pilots and employees, but to the overall safety culture within any aviation organisation.” – Alexey Khodakovskiy, Flight Instructor & DAA Safety Manager 

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