Instrument Rating Examination (IREX) Theory

The Instrument Rating Examination (IREX) theory is your gateway to a whole new world of piloting abilities, and our theory course gives you the knowledge you need to pass with flying colours.

Get the right preparation for your pilot career with our in-depth course covering the 7 units of CPL theory. We offer face-to-face or online delivery methods to suit your lifestyle.

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The Best Preparation For IFR Flying

An Instrument Rating is a requirement for most aviation career pathways. It opens the door to a whole new world of flying, allowing you to plan and conduct flights in a far wider range of weather and light conditions. 

This Instrument Rating Examination (IREX) Theory Course provides you with detailed insight into Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) theory and gives you the knowledge you need to best prepare to pass the CASA IREX exam. We have a range of course delivery options available.

Learn Wherever You Are

We offer a range of delivery methods for the IREX Theory course, which allows you to select an option that fits in with your lifestyle. Our course options include:

1. Face to Face: Scheduled group classes taught at Learn To Fly’s state-of-the-art training facility in Melbourne, with another 3 additional instructor theory hours included.

2. Online Live: Scheduled group classes presented using the Zoom Meeting online platform, with another 2 additional online instructor theory hours included.

3. Online Subscription: All classes available by secure student portal to watch at your own pace, with discounted instructor theory hours available for extended learning.

Contact us to discuss which option best suits you.


Course Process

See why there’s no better place to learn to fly.

Our Graduate

Chun Ki (Peter) Cheung

“The IREX Theory course provides you with essential knowledge about Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flying and how it works. Learn To Fly provides a well-structured course that tracks your individual progress and makes sure you are ready for the IREX theory exam. Their experienced instructors give you their real-world flying knowledge, rather than just learning solely from information in a book. This is a great course that is a springboard to your future aviation career.” Peter Chun Ki Cheung from Hong Kong.

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Ready for Take Off?