Private Pilot Licence
(PPL) Theory Course

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) theory course introduces more in-depth concepts as well as advanced navigation knowledge and techniques. We offer a range of course delivery methods to suit your lifestyle.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) theory introduces more in-depth concepts as well advanced navigation techniques. We offer a range of course delivery methods to suit your lifestyle.

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Theory Required For Navigation

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) Theory course builds on the concepts covered in the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) training syllabus. You will progress into more advanced and in-depth areas of aeronautical knowledge, with a strong focus on flight planning and navigation techniques.

Completing your PPL theory components in a standalone course gives you the freedom to complete your ground training and prepare for the CASA PPL theory exam. Starting practical PPL flight training with all of the required knowledge can give you an advantage, and help to avoid the need for extra flying hours.

Learn Wherever You Are

We have developed 3 different course delivery methods, to give more student pilots the chance to be able to learn in line with the demands of their daily lives. Our course options include:

1. Face to Face: Scheduled group classes taught at Learn To Fly’s state-of-the-art training facility in Melbourne, with another 3 additional instructor theory hours included.

2. Online Live: Scheduled group classes presented using the Zoom Meeting online platform, with another 2 additional online instructor theory hours included.

3. Online Subscription: All classes available by secure student portal to watch at your own pace, with discounted instructor theory hours available for extended learning.

Contact us to discuss which option best suits you.


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Our Graduate

Izz Ramlan

“The LTF PPL Theory course not only helped me to successfully pass my PPL theory test (PPLA exam), but it also helped to prepare me for practical flight training and improve my skills through better knowledge. LTF has a small instructor to student ratio, which made the teaching very focused and allowed me to learn faster and have questions answered immediately.” – Izz Ramlan from Singapore

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